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Top 8 Things To Do Around Tallahassee

We all know living in and around Tallahassee is fantastic but have you ever thought about being a tourist in your own community?

downtown tallahasseeTallahassee itself offers a wide variety of cool things to do. Did you ever see Lichgate on High Road near Florida State University? Inspired and built by literature professor Laura Jepsen, she built the old English tudor cottage in 1956. It really is quite the place and I’d encourage you to check it out.

But honestly it’s the outlying areas around this great city where you’ll find many hidden gems to experience that you may have not known were there in your own backyard.

Crawfordville is a small community in Port Leon. There you will find a trendy walking park with a painted lion. The cool thing about this lion is each month, the people from the area get together and repaint it keeping it a fresh experience for visitors to the park.

And then we have the ever-eclectic Havana and place where artistry and creativity thrive. It’s also a place where the past meets the present because when it comes to antique shopping, no where else can match Havana. Imagine spending your Saturday browsing the many antique shops Havana has. Who knows you might just find that piece of your own history!

Midway. Probably most known for his massive 1000+acre commercial sector and thriving affordable housing market, Midway also offers a pretty cool little experience in bowling. Here we have Capital Lanes where families congregate to bust up some pins and have a fun day.

Heading over to Quincy, a short drive northwest of Tallahassee, it is here that you’ll find The Gadsden Art Center and Museum is the hidden gem of downtown Quincy. And for the golfer…a must see is the Quincy Golf Club.

Sopchoppy, the town with the funny name and ever more strange is the festival held here is the Worm Grunting Festival. I know right? Anyways just in case you’re wondering this is the method by which people attract worms to the surface of the ground by hammering wooden stakes in and then rubbing them with sheets of metal. It’s true check it out here on Wikipedia.

St.Marks is where it all began back in 1679 when the Spaniards docked here. But standing tall since 1831 is the tourist attraction, the St.Mark’s Lighthouse. It’s old, historic and really cool to see and best of all its just 15 minutes from Tallahassee. Oh…and you can get some beach time in.

And lake country, the lake life can be experience in full glory with a family trip to Buck Lake or Lake Talquin. Here you can find all sorts of outdoor activities to do including tubing, fishing (some of the best at Lake Talquin), boating or just lounging around on the lakeshore.

So next time you’re thinking to yourself, “oh what to do?” remember that within a short distance of where you’re at right at this moment, you can find plenty to do and see around Tallahassee.