Homes For Sale In Panacea

Panacea is a community located at a 25-minute drive from Tallahassee at Coastal Highway 98. It’s a compact community having a population of 1050 and a minimal unemployment rate at just 4%. This waterfront community prides itself as having more boats than cars on the road, making it the perfect boaters paradise

Panacea History

Panacea’s history goes a century back when it was famous for its mineral springs, attracting large amounts of visitors in early 1900s. The main transportation source in the early days used to be a mule-drawn tram line. Visitors can easily get from Sopchoppy to Panacea. The tram was operational for 20 years after its initiation in 1901.

The name Panacea translates to “cure everything”, which refers to the all-healing nature of the famous Panacea Mineral Springs. The area earned its fair amount of fame in the early nineteenth century because of the healing abilities its water had. Even today, it is well known among nature lovers. Panacea is the place to go if you want to experience the “Old Florida” atmosphere. It offers a variety of different activities for all age groups.

Things to Do In Panacea

Crabbing and Fishing are two of the main activities people enjoy here. Shrimps and Oysters can also be found in huge amounts. If you are a seafood lover, you’re sure in for a treat.

There are many types of charter boats available that will allow you to hire a captain to show you the many fishing spots of the area. Rock Landing has established the latest docking facility where you can launch your own boat if you wish.

Kayaking and canoeing can also be enjoyed at multiple areas in the region.

The fact that Panacea has more boats than cars makes the love of its people for boating and fishing quite clear. There are oyster shells lined up along various roads here, reminding of the coastal history Wakulla County town had.

The Future of Panacea

According to many, Panacea has great potential and could one day become a large community, even bigger than St. Marks and Sopchoppy. The resident’s here consider home rule as the stairway to attaining a unique and prosperous future.

Taking into consideration the development plans in the community, Panacea could very well stretch as far as the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge, extending on both sides of the coastal highway.

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