Sopchoppy is a compact yet distinctive town situated close to the gulf coast. Its 40 minutes south-west of Tallahassee and has a population of 462 along with an ever decreasing unemployment rate of 4.2%.

The town offers all kinds of activities from hiking, hunting, fishing, and camping. It can be the perfect home for you if you like peaceful places that can also give you the chance to enjoy life.

One of the main attractions in the area is the Hodge City Park, at Park Avenue. The park is right on the banks of Sopchoppy River and has a great view. It has a special section for camping lovers and also has a boat launching facility. Furthermore, there are multiple basketball courts, playgrounds and fishing piers where you could enjoy. It’s the perfect go-to location for families to enjoy a day off.

Another main factor that Sopchoppy is famous for is a festival known as the Worm Grunting Festival. Worm grunting or worm charming is a method of attracting worms towards the surface of the earth. The festival happens in honor of the art of worm grunting.

Worm charmers come and display their talents by hammering wooden stakes inside the ground and rubbing them with metallic slabs. The vibrations caused by this method result in worms rising to the surface. These worms are later collected and utilized as fishing bait.

Sopchoppy Gymnasium also has a strong history to it. It’s the only building in town to be listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The gymnasium was initially constructed in 1935 and got renovated less than 20 years ago. It has a unique Spanish Mission style architecture.

The building is often used for wedding receptions and family gatherings.

Another important landmark in Sopchoppy is the Georgia, Florida and Alabama Depot on Rose Street. It is also known as the Gopher, Frog and Alligator Depot.

The depot these days serves as a museum of local history. You can come here if you want to honor a person or an event and get in touch with the Historic Depot to buy getting your message engraved on a brick. The brick is then embedded in the Depot’s sidewalk.

Sopchoppy is the place to be if you’re looking for a composed lifestyle not very far from the large towns.

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