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Lake Talquin: A Return to Tranquility

lake talquin

State parks and bungalows, cabins and cook outs, clean air and bright stars.

Life in Lake Talquin is a return to tranquility, to a sense of community and togetherness and reaping the benefit and bounty of nature away from large urban centers.  

We’d love to tell you that every-day life here is akin to retirement, but that’s only true for some – and most of them are retired!  Of course, regardless of where you live life requires income and like everyone else, we go to work.

The differences though, are striking.

Our commutes, for one, are easier.  When there is less traffic, or your work is on the water, it’s easier to get around.  Smaller communities don’t have the same needs as cities, making it far simpler to enjoy what you do to the utmost making every career here a labour of love.

We promise you though, our weekends are better.

When you immerse yourself in nature; the options to keep your interest are deeper than the daily soaps or nightly news, and we don’t just mean that in the metaphysical sense.  The state park offers hiking, camping, various types of paddle boats, and some of the best lake fishing in the country.  The deep reservoir is chalk-full of largemouth bass, striped bass, speckled perch, bream and catfish.

Fish aren’t the only animals you’ll see, deer, wild turkey, great blue herons, great and snowy egrets are all common sights that will take your breath away every time.  You’ll have your sightline of choice, with over 10,000 acres of lake to paddle or row, or choose from many hiking trails – each one offering a different view of the park from their individual vantage points.

There’s something to be said about having a lake for a back yard.  To wake up, or end the day to the sun’s shimmering reflection creates a sense of calm that cannot be dulled or diluted.

When we want it, the city is always there.  Because, let’s be honest – seeing the home team live is about as special as catching your dinner or watching an egret catch theirs. But when you want to look up at night and see stars, or wake up in the morning to the sound of the breeze rather than the banging of garbage cans and honking of horns, Lake Talquin takes the win.

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