Homes For Sale In Crawfordville

Crawfordville is one of the earliest settlements located in Port Leon right along the St. Marks River. It’s a compact but unique town with a population of just 3700 as of 2010.

Crawfordville is amongst the most important members of Wakulla County. It’s an integral part of all the trade and business that takes place in the region. The town has its own grocery store, chain discount shop and multiple famous restaurants.

Above all, Crawfordville still keeps the “small town merchant” mentality alive and gives hope to more small-scale entrepreneurs. This mindset allows people from Crawfordville and other nearby communities to bring more prosperity to their region.

Things To Do In Crawfordville

You’ll have many options to amuse you once you travel to Crawfordville. There are several parks including the walking park that has a colorful lion which is painted every month by locals to entertain the visitors.

You’ll see various antique stores, food stalls and all kinds of businesses run by local people, who find it honorable to earn a living through hard work.

Hudson Park is also nearby which is home to all kinds of occasions and ceremonies that place in the county, including the county parade.

Moreover, the town has tennis courts, hunting grounds and picnic areas to enjoy your vacation.

Another significant fact about Crawfordville is its ability to treat horse riders. All your equestrian needs can be fulfilled in this small town if you’re a horse lover. Locals treat horses as their own family members and that is why Crawfordville’s riders are exceedingly skillful.

Crawfordville Schools

Crawfordville offers a highly rated elementary school, Crawford Elementary, and a respected high school Wakula High. There is also a private school available: Providence Christian Academy.

The town offers top-notch higher education at its two reputed institutes, Tallahassee Community College and the Wakulla Environmental Institute.

Both the colleges are well equipped and contain state-of-the-art facilities for students alongside many opportunities to research while they learn.

It’s an amazing place to live in because the town has it all. You can find all kinds of facilities here alongside various options to have fun with your family and fun.

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