Homes For Sale In St Marks

St. Marks is a small village of around 300 residents in Florida, separated from Tallahassee by a 15-minute drive. Its rich history makes it rather unique. St. Marks is the place to be if you’re looking for a peaceful home, not very far from Tallahassee.

St Marks History

The Spanish docked their ships at this port back in 1679, half a decade before Florida was recognized as a territory. Back in the day, St. Marks was amongst the most active ports that connected Florida with the Gulf of Mexico.

Another notable historic fact about St. Marks is that the first railroad in the Florida region was between St. Marks and Tallahassee back in 1836. At that time, North Florida was home to different plantations, aiding towards an improving economy. Cotton was transported to St. Marks through these railways and shipped to major parts of the country from the seaport.

Things To Do In St Marks

Some of the main attractions in the village include the St. Marks Trail, The State Park, and a century-old St. Marks Lighthouse, which is one of the oldest lighthouses in Florida.

People from Tallahassee often turn towards St. Marks to relax and take a break from their routines. It could be your ideal vacation spot. Spend the night at the Shell Island Fish Camp or enjoy your days at the famous Magnolia Bed and Breakfast.

The St Marks Lighthouse

The lighthouse was initially built in 1831. It has been renovated multiple times. It’s located inside the St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge Park and has a special place in the United States’ national collection of historic monuments.

Opportunities In St Marks

Due to the Mixed-use development plan implemented in the early 90s, commercial and residential areas are integrated to offer better convenience for residents.

Natural resources in the village are limitless and convince more investors to look for real estate options here. St. Marks enjoys a diverse collection of natural resources including its multi-purpose trail leading to the pristine river and the historic State Park close to the old fort site.

The village is an attractive residential option for people in South Florida as it goes through its upgrade towards becoming a standout coastal village.

View of The St Marks Lighthouse

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