Dear Suzanne: You drove with us all over town to view many different houses, and turned what for many people is a stressful experience into a pleasant experience. Even after driving to so many different properties for months to show us a plethora of homes, when we told you we were going to wait another year to buy a house, rather than act disappointed, you understood, and that meant a lot.

Several weeks after telling you that, you showed up to a property we were bursting with excitement about within only a few hours on no notice on a weekend right in the middle of your attending a get together. That day you worked out a deal so that we would be the first in line to make sure our offer would be accepted before any competing offers could enter the picture. If this doesn’t show due diligence, I don’t know what does.

Our family has purchased both an average priced home and a moderately expensive home from you, and in both cases, regardless of the list price, we received the same level of dedication we would have received had we been buying or selling a million dollar house. Whether we choose to buy or sell a higher priced or lower priced property in the future, I have confidence that we will be treated with graceful respect and diligence in every circumstance.

We look forward to working with you again in the future.